Saturday, March 12, 2011


Happy SIX months Naomi Hope!

silly girl...

first bites...

more please....

you adore your brother.

your smile melts me everytime.
We love you so much sweet girl!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

crafty thursday...

This week I had lots on the agenda to do. But unfortunately my sewing machine isn't working properly and these two things are all I completed.

My grandma bought this plain white apron and asked me to put her name on it. We call her Bia.

And then I put this lollie-pop applique on a T for Naomi. It was supposed to have her name under or above the lollie but I put it dead center in the shirt and didn't leave enough room. Oh well!

Coming soon...polka dot shorts to match the shirt!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

more crafty thursday...

I got an order this past week for a baby shower gift. I made this adorable set! She requested Dr. Seuss theme, to go with the baby's room. I love how everything turned out!

(horrible photography skills, she was here to pick up the order and I had forgotton to take pictures!)


 tie onesie

Then, this week I made this gift for my sister to give to a friend who is due with a baby girl soon!

Hoping to have lots of new things next week!

Crafty thursday

I'm a little late but here is what I worked on last month for Valentines Day.

-Craft for Daddy

I cut out the letters "WE {heart} YOU" on my Cricut and let Noah color on them. I made the mistake of letting him push the button on my Cricut to get it started cutting, and now he has become obsessed with touching it, so it had to be hidden from his sight.

We also made homemade chocolate chip cookies for Dad.
helping me make cookies by eating the chocolate chips

We had Daddy's surprises waiting on the table when he came home from work.

I made this silly craft for Adam because I am always taking his socks. So he got a big bag of socks! It says "we make a great pair".

 We didn't do anything too romantic for Valentines Day. We went out for lunch with the kids and for dinner- our meal was chili! Adam had been wanting me to make it for a while, I had already bought all the ingredients, so we just went with it. The best part for me was the cornbread! Yummo!

the dinner spread

I made this shirt for turned out pretty cute. It's a pick-up truck with hearts in the back.

Lastly-we got Noah the Jesus Storybook Bible for a v-day gift. He loves it, I love it, if you don't have one for your kiddo, you should!

Happy Thursday! Almost the weekend!!