Thursday, April 29, 2010

our precious girl...LONG post!!

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb." Psalms 139:13

Well, wow! This has been a crazy, emotional last few days. I'll start at the beginning. Don't worry, it ends great! Well, last week during our ultrasound they found a small issue on Naomi. She has a small cyst on her brain. Apparently a very common type of cyst, but also a type that can be a marker for down syndrome or Trisomy 18, when combined with other issues. So while we were thrilled to see our baby girl (and find out she was a girl!), I was terrified leaving the appointment. Our midwife encouraged us not to worry, that these things are most likely nothing to worry about but anxiety, fear and so many emotions piled high so quickly and I could not shake it off. Adam and I decided to keep the news private until we had more information. They scheduled me for another ultrasound one week later with a specialist. It was the longest week! I could not rest but Adam and I just bathed our baby girl in prayer, specifically praying that the cyst would be gone by the next appointment. All week I just told God how fearful I was, and trusted that He was in control of our baby's life. I feared I would have to grieve over a child, and didn't know how I would handle that. The day before the ultrasound I came across a musician named Laura Hackett (listen here). Her album is all about trusting the Father in difficult times. I cried listening through the cd but it was also great for me to hear such truth. I told Father "I am afraid for my daughter", and He responded, "I am for her, not against her." So I cried some more! But trusted, what else could I do?
So, to wrap up this long saga, we went in for our ultrasound, and they checked our baby girl from head to toe. Every organ, every limb, looking for other signs of possible chromosomal abnormalities. They found nothing! She looks absolutely perfect, everything functioning as it should. The small cyst was still there and they will keep an eye on it throughout the pregnancy (it could very well go away soon like most do), which just means I get more ultrasounds to see my baby girl! I also had some blood work done for an extra confirmation that there are no issues present, but I am at peace now. I truly believe God is protecting our girl and that she is going to be a healthy beautiful little child just like Noah.
This week has taught me how to trust, even when you don't think you know how. It has reminded me of the awesome God I serve and how He holds us in His hands, protecting and loving. I'm sure He got a little laugh at my worry, I could just imagine Him smiling down on me saying "Oh Rebecca, don't you know Who I am?? The Almighty, remember??" 
So needless to say, I am so thankful for this baby, and so joyful to know that I will be able to touch those precious hands I saw during our scan and kiss those sweet cheeks! 
Here are some of my favorite words from the cd I have been listening to. SO encouraging and so truthful. During scary times, I really need to hear truth so I hope these words are a comfort and peace for you if you are going through any hardship.

There's a Gap
What do I do here in the waiting, what do I do with my unsatisfied heart,
What do I do here in the waiting, here in the tension of believing, again and again
Cause there's a lack there's a gap in my soul
between the things that I believe and I know
So Holy Spirit, You who fill, all in all come and fill me
Holy Spirit come hold me together

Living Hope
There's so much life for me it abounds, transcends what I can see
There's living hope for me
no circumstance could ever change the fact
I have a living hope

When I am Afraid
When I am afraid I will trust in you
when I'm overcome I will cling onto the Rock
That is higher, He's higher, the Rock that is higher
When my enemy's too strong for me
I don't know how to fight the fear
That comes against my heart and mind
I call upon the name of Christ
He's higher, He's higher, He's higher
When my enemy's surrounding me
he tries to steal my joy, my peace
I let go of my reasoning
and I fall onto the rock
That is higher, He is higher

"I sought the LORD and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears." Psalms 34:4

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the Happiest Place on Earth...

So I seriously LOVED our Disney trip. I hadn't been in years, and of course experiencing the park with your child is so amazing. We did not stop the entire time, staying in the parks almost until they closed! We spent one day is Magic Kingdom, the next in Animal Kingdom, took a day off to rest, than hit up Magic Kingdom again.
 I was so thankful for all the memories we made and being able to give those days to my boy. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the trip.

so excited to see Mickey!
definitely liked "Plu-O"

love my sweet boy!
Safari Mickey at Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
shopping trip to Ikea
DownTown Disney
how cute is he?!
SUCH a fun trip!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Have any of you seen the ridiculous commercials for these shoes??
I really want them! Hefty price tag for tennis shoes but I would seriously wear them all day long to tone my legs! And I, of course, love the gaudy gold! Although the green are nice too...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This year I really wanted to start the tradition of dyeing eggs with Noah. Unfortunately, he may still be a little young for it! He thought the eggs were balls and kept saying "ball" and throwing them across the kitchen. Needless to say, many eggs were cracked. It was fun though no matter what. We had eggs all over the kitchen, dye all over us and the countertops, but fun laughs!

kissing the egg
Easter morning, opening up his basket before church...

still LOVES Gerber yogurt melts! He was very excited when he saw them!
Church was great! Noah loves playing the drum during the music!
Family picture, always an interesting task...
this was the best of the three of us I could get all day. Noah was so serious!
We headed over to my grandparents for dinner and let the kids play outside. I didn't think Noah would be at all interested in finding eggs but we decided to hide some and he ended up having fun picking up the "balls" and putting them in his basket!
handsome boy!
sweet friends! Noah and Hosea.
love this boy to pieces!
Daddy throwing him too high!
It was a great day! Noah definitely makes holidays so much fun! I can't believe next year we will have 2 to chase after!