Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gifts that Give

Idea 2: World Vision "Building a better world for children"
"World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice."

World Vision offers many different ways to make an online donation which assists over 100 million people in over 100 countries. Here are a few of the donation options offered on their website:

2 chickens for $25
a goat and 2 chickens for $100
children's clothing for $30

How neat would it be to give a donation in someone's name?

You can view all of the options available for donations on their website,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gifts that Give- Got Your Back Movement

Throughout the month of December I will be posting gifts that give. These are ones I've participated in in the past or plan to this Christmas. These could be great gifts for those super hard to buy for relatives. I love giving creative and thoughtful gifts that help show love to others.

The first Gift that Gives comes from the organization Got Your Back Movement. Every shirt you buy provides a school uniform for a student in need allowing them to attend school, therefore bettering their circumstances in life. Their mission statement is: "The Got Your Back Movement exists to restore purpose, give hope, and show love through the global distribution of school uniforms to children in need. Our mission is to create sustainable change in communities worldwide through the impact that education creates in all aspects of life." 
These are really cool shirts. I have one picked out I want for myself!

So, head over to Got Your Back and check them out!

"Our vision is to create a world in which children begin to see their hopes & dreams become a reality through the lens of education." -GYB

(all quotations are taken directly from the GYB website, there are not my own)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

leaves craft...

This week Noah and I had some fun crafting while Naomi was napping. We cut out leaves on the cricut and then I let him paint them with fall colors. It was messy, messy and more messy. After they dried over night, I sewed them together.

I liked the way it turned out!

fun at the air show...

Adam and took Noah on a little date to the air show sunday. He loved the "big jets" and said he was very "exciting". He also told us the jets were scaring his ears. =)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

melted crayon canvas

This weekend I was in the mood to make something fun and craft with Noah.  I had been organizing our playroom and wanting to decorate in there. I'm hoping to paint this weekend. It's one of the only rooms in the house that hasn't been painted since we moved in. I got this cute idea off Pinterest which originally comes from Crayon Wishes and Popsicle Dreams. This is so easy and so fun! Honestly, Noah didn't help as much as he would have liked. It takes some time and the blowdryer and crayons obviously get very hot.

It's simple though, just hot glue 59 crayons to your canvas, ours is 16x20, and then hold your blowdryer or heating tool (I also used an embossing heating gun) and melt away. I love how it turned out and can't wait to get it hung in the playroom.

 (I would recommend either doing this outside or on tile floor because the crayons dripped in some places, but it was easy to peel off of the tile.)

Monday, October 31, 2011

fun Halloween crafts...

The last two weeks we made some fun Halloween themed crafts. This was great to do while Naomi was taking a nap, to spend some one on one time with Noah, and keep him quiet!

His friendly bat. Two hand-prints and a footprint all upside down. Small googly eyes and he wanted him to have a red mouth for whatever reason. The little "ears" are his pointer finger prints. He is getting very particular about what colors he wants things.

 The Silly ghost. He had the option of what facial expression he wanted him to have, silly, scary, happy or angry. We have been learning about emotions, and he loves when I pretend to be each different emotion. Especially angry, oddly enough. =)

More ghosts. These are just his footprints again and fingerprint eyes and nose.

Then I felt like we needed a little Jesus in the display so I just traced out the letters, which I am terrible at, and let him paint them. Nothing fancy at all, but I was out of ideas!

{All of my Halloween craft ideas came from the blog eighteen25.}

Sunday, October 30, 2011

fun eating...

I'm so happy to be back into the blogging world! This post is all about food. Lately I have found the need to get more creative with Noah's meals. He would be happy with eating a PB&J with apples or applesauce every day for lunch, and chicken nuggets for dinner. So I'm trying to come up with fun ways to help him venture out. This week we made homemade pizza. It was yum, fun for Noah to help and not too unhealthy. We bought fresh pizza dough from Publix bakery, mozzarella cheese and pepperonies (probably a pretty unhealthy part).

 then for school I tried out a fun lunch. I had to improvise because I didn't have too many supplies. This was supposed to be a clown for circus day. He didn't really care about it, he just called it a silly man. =)

Dinner this week. I made veggie burgers in an attempt to get them to eat some more veggies. Noah ate one bite and Naomi only a few. If you can't tell it's supposed to be a rocket ship with stars and a moon. I guess the botton pieces are astroides. =)

 I have lots of ideas for more fun food, thanks to all my friends creating them also!