Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Advent Conspiracy

My good, no great, friend Eva posted some info on her blog this week on an idea that our church and us personally have begun to embrace,Advent Conspiracy ...check it out! You can also check out Eva's Blog, for alot more details. It's an awesome opportunity for us all to do things a little differently at Christmas time, give more meaningful gifts, and even give outside of our families and friends, to some who really need it more.

So check out the website with an open heart and think about how your family could change up Christmas this year. Even if it is just a few less gifts then you would have normally done, and with that saved money, give to someone in need, whether it be someone in your church or work, or even someone on the other side of the world. Eva suggested some great organizations you can support overseas such as Blood Water Mission, Compassion International, or World Vision. Adam and I support a beautiful little girl in Ethiopia, and I have loved getting sweet letters and updates from her. Amazing opportunities that I never even new were out there! Through World Vision you can actually purchase cows, chickens, goats and other animals for families to get their source of food from, or provide them with a fishing pond. I think that is so cool! From all the way over here, we can give food to families in need! Money is tight for our household being that we just purchased a house, but we can literally afford to do so, just by buying a few less gifts. Sometimes it doesn't take much to help others.

This is definitely something that I have not been well aquainted with growing up. It is very new, and "outside of the box" for me, and something that somedays I struggle with really grasping, but I look forward to moving forward in it, and seeing how our household can do christmas differently this year by giving to others and seeing their lives changed as a result.

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