Monday, March 22, 2010

a time to vent...

The current state of our dining room floors. Lovely huh?? (and yes, that is the color I picked our for the walls. Too bright?? Some would say.) One giant hole and that is stinky mud under the hole.
We have run into problem after problem with renovating this house. Contractor troubles, leveling issues, ac issues, you name it, we have worked on it. Unfortunately we are having to re-do AC work that has already been worked on from one company, which was done incorrectly (some work was an actual fire hazard). But, thankfully it is being fixed correctly this go around by a new company who we actually know the owners. So we will have cool AC running correctly with no worries of a possible fire.

Also, while getting quotes on laying our new hard wood floors, we discovered major leveling issues with the house. This is a huge (and expensive) 3 week project which will hopefully be started soon. We also jsut found out that leveling out the house will mess up the tile job we already had done in the kitchen and bathroom. VERY frustrating. But, there is nothing we can do about it now except get it all fixed and then, ideally we will be able to lay our new floors, clean the house, finish painting and move in!!
In other news, I am FINALLY over most of the pregnancy morning sickness, with the exception of actual morning-time sickness occassionally. I was more than ready to move into the second trimester and forget all about it! Now its time for name-game playing, spending way too much time looking at nursery bedding online, eating too much and napping with Noah just because I can. I love being pregnant! Now to just find out what we're having?! The anticipation seriously drives me crazy! I'm not one for surprises, I usually peek at most of my Christmas presents because I just can't stand the wait! Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this one, except do just that...wait. For now, I'm enjoying spending all my time with this guy...

His first bloody lip...poor baby.

I have no idea what he was staring at!