Friday, August 27, 2010


This week, Noah started his first week at Ortega Playschool! He has done so well! No tears at all, and his teachers say he is doing great. I am so proud of my big boy! I am so excited for him to make some new friends. He sits by a sweet little boy and 2 adorable little girls at his table. I am looking forward to him coming home talking about his new friends. For now, all he can tell me he does is play with cars and a firetruck. Although, yesterday he pointed to an "E" and an "O" on Adam's shirt and said exactly what they were. I have never taught him letters, so I'll have to ask his teachers about that! If they have already taught him letters, I'm impressed!

going to meet his teacher

1st day! He was really excited about his lunch box!
so sweet!

2nd day, being a ham! So handsome!

I think he is going to love school! Although I think he misses hanging out here at home with Hosea, Eva! He has asked me twice about him this week. He knows who his bestie is I think!


  1. That is so cool. I really wish Madi could go too. If would be great for both of us. He is so cute. I'm glad he likes it there. They grow up so fast.

  2. How exciting! I'll never forget the first day I sent both Kennedy and Landon to was bittersweet! You'll love it there! They are so amazing and care so deeply for all the kiddos!

  3. So sweet! I am so glad he is doing great! Takes a load off your shoulders when little Naomi gets here!! And too sweet about him missing H. I know he misses him too!