Monday, January 3, 2011

my growing list of things to do...

Now that I am passed the sleep deprived newborn stage of life, I am on the mission to really start making and creating things that I have saved over the last year or so. Number 1 is organizing and decorating our very bland playroom. I am SO thankful to have a room that contains the ever growing toy collection we have. But man is it a mess! At the end of the day, I just don't feel like messing with it at all, so I just toss the toys in the baskets and close the door. This last week, we started to organize and clean it out. We bought shelves and storage bins with a Home Depot gift card we got for Christmas (great gift btw for new homeowners!) and I actually threw away a FEW things. :o) I hate getting rid of toys! I always think, one day he just might want to play with it again! ha

So, I have lots of ideas on decorating this room. My color scheme will be red and orange, trying to keep it gender nuetral and funky. Budget issues have not allowed me to do too much with it, but I am working on inexpensive ways to spruce it up a bit. I am going to hunt down the perfect fabric for curtains which I hope to make myself. I don't like that you can see right in the glass doors at night. I want a large rug because Noah keeps complaining that the tile is giving his knees boo-boos. :(

Here are a few fun DIY things that I plan on working on soon!

I love this wreath. Eva posted this on her blog a few months back and I saved it and have been dreaming thinking of it since then. I want to do it in bright colors, mostly red and orange I think. She uses hers as a Christmas wreath, but I think in the right colors it wont look very Christmasy at all.

I saved this a looong time ago, and unfortunately can't remember what blog it came from to give them credit, but I definitely want to do this with "N"'s for both the kiddos names.

Once the playroom is completed, I have several other things I hope to work on.

MUST make one of these soon! What a great idea! She turned a bunch of her son's old T-shirts into super cute hats! Lots of Npah's T's get stained and end up trashing them. I can't wait to try this.

Lastly, this playmat. Oh. My. Word. Eva also posted on her blog a while back and then today, I saw another one on Prudent Baby's site. I do think I will either need help from a more novice sewer or get some lessons before I attempt this! But it is definitely on the list this year for Noah. Maybe for his birthday.

Now onto things I have actually accomplished!! I have been working on baby shower gifts, mostly monogramed bibs and burpcloths and ribbon socks. Naomi has a nice stash of matching sets that I made for practice. I plan on trying to post these to Etsy or facebook soon to sell. Thank you for those of you who have already bought some from me! I made this set for my niece Norah.

 Lastly, I made this wreath for Naomi's room to hang above her crib. I really love it!

Ahhh, so much I want to do and some days, just no time to do them at all!


  1. First of all, I LOVE the new name of your blog! :)

    Great projects to work on.. and great ones you ahve completed. Life would be boring if there wasn't always something on our list of fun things to try/do!

  2. I love everything!!! I hope you can find a cheap way to do that wreath because I LOVE IT!!! I want to do one of those mats too so maybe we can work on that together some time!!

  3. I love your new blog set up! I too am trying to figure out how to decorate my kid's room on like zero stinks! We don't have a playroom so I got rid of TONS of toys and to be honest, they really seem to get more enjoyment because they can find everything now, haha! I love all your DIY ideas, and that wreath is OMG!