Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day! Actually, any holiday for that matter. It's a chance to decorate and give a gift, which I enjoy doing.

This year, with Noah being in preschool, we did Valentines for his classmates and teachers.
I got this idea from Eva on her valentine's post from last year.  I've been pretty excited about doing it this year! I think they turned out really cute. The project was very simple. We broke up several crayons, and them baked them for 15 mintues in a heartshaped mold. I then attached them to the print out and then tied them onto celophane bags with a few conversation hearts.

  "Have a colorful Valentine's Day!"
The print out came from the long thread.

 I also wanted to make something for his two teachers who he adores. They are so sweet to him, so I wanted them to know I was thankful for them loving on my baby.
I made heart shaped brownies and filled the bag with chocolate and the brownie.


 covered clothes pens with some red paper...
 and attached this cute print out to the brown paper bag.
{idea came from eighteen25}

very simple, but cute, simple and inexpensive.

My sweet boy headed to school. (I also made the shirt, which took me several hours, no joke.)

this is the best smile I could get!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


  1. All very cute!! Those brownies look yummo. I'm making some tonight. ;-)

  2. How fun! His shirt is so cute!

  3. The crayons turned out so cute!

    Also, now I want a brownie. :)