Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the Fashion Files

If you know me well, you know that I enjoy fashion. I always have, mostly because of the family I was raised in. We all love it and enjoy putting together outfits. But, as most of you also know, my family of 4 is on a tight budget. (sometimes I don't like saying this because I don't want it to sound negative or complaining. A budget is good, and God always provides above and beyond. Budget does not=poor.)

So, back to fashion. I recently came across a blog of a pastor's wife that I am enjoying following. I just added her button to my blog. ------>

She occassionally writes a fashion blog, things she has found on sale, staples for your closet, etc. I love finding a good deal. Or finding something on the clearance rack and trying to envision how I could make it a "cuter". I also have too so much fun dressing my children, which can be expensive, but I pride myself in being a good shopper who finds great deals. Occassionally I splurge on something I just love and feel as if I can't live without. =)

So here are my staples for spring for the ladies. ( I do realize spring is almost over, I am just way behind on blog writing)

{all clothes are from The Gap.}

a cardigan
I have one in white. It's thin, 3/4 sleeves and perfect to put over a tank or a dress.

a jean jacket
I have always had a jean jacket in my closet for as long as I can remember. My current one is about 5 years old and its from Gap clearance section, I think about $20.
(t's perfect for over your summery dresses when it's a little too cool to go bare shouldered. I also will put it with a longer top and jeans, even though I don't think you are technically supposed to wear jean on jean. I like to cheat though. =) 

White jeans

I have them in a capri and in a wide leg pant. They are very easy to find shirts to match, thus making them a quick thing to put on in the mornings without having to think too much!

skinny jeans
You can wear skinny jeans in endless ways. With a tank and flipflops, with a loose fitted shirt and flat sandles. Then you can easily dress them up by putting on wedges or round toe pumps. Also, don't let the name "skinny" jeans turn you away. Anyone can rock these! 
Target has great inexpensive jeans, but know that they run small. I had to buy 2 sizes larger than I normally do. Also if you want a nicer pair, Gap is the place to go. Just wait for one of they 40% off sales and you could score a great deal. Go for the skinny stretch jean in dark wash. I love them and wear them all the time. If they are too long, don't hem them, just roll them up. That way you can wear them longer if you want to pair them with heels.

Lastly, for a dressier pair of jeans, go for a straight leg jean, then cuff them and wear with heals. A very cute for going out to dinner, especially for a mom. I find it hard sometimes to wear a dress with constantly bending over to take care of a child. I'm more comfortable in jeans.

What is your favorite staple item in your closet??

Stay tuned for a guide to your perfect summer wardrobe! (according to me at least!)


  1. my must-have this spring are...belts! in all different shapes and sizes. using them is helping me re-vamp outfits from Springs of the past without forking out more $$.

  2. I love NY&Co for jeans for mommies that wanna look good but have bigger hips than they used to, haha! They also have a totally fun streetwear collection that has TONS of mommy friendly pieces. I loved this Rebecca, you are so fun!

  3. Awesome post!! Skinny jeans are my absolutely favorite jean ever. I haven't had gumps enough to wear them with heels though. Maybe one day!!

    Also, the Pleated Poppy (cute blog) does "What I Wore WEdnesdays" and she does it so as not to be in sweats all day since she works at home. So, she'll take pictures of herself (not everyday) and then post them on Wednesdays and TONS of other people do it too and then link up to her site. Here's an example of what she does. It's pretty cool

    You should do this too. So we can all see waht you wear and get inspiration!!