Thursday, October 29, 2009


I love alot of things about my son. There actually is not much I don't love about him. But, one particular I have enjoyed lately is the surprisingly loud pitter-patter of his chunky feet throughout the house. He walks as though his feet are made of solid lead, a trait I say (and my mother-in-law agrees) is from his father.
Noah is not a big fan of shoes, so almost all of the time his feet are bare. For some odd reason, this week he has decided that he wants to wear his cowboy boots that his beloved DeDe bought him, all over the house. So the pitter-patter has changed into more of a horse's galloping. Seriously-he walks so heavy! (also, imagine a grumpy/wild little boy! he has been quite crazy lately!)
A sweet memory from my childhood was brought back to my mind. I used to love cowgirl boots. Still do really. I very vividly remember my mother taking me to Walmart to buy me cowgirl boots when I was probably around 5ish. They were black and very pointy and, I'm sure, a huge sacrifice for her to even afford to buy for me, since we did not have much money. I wore them everywhere with everything. I can specifically remember wearing them with my PJ's on and walking all over our wood floors in our little white house, that eventually burned down. I also loved that house.
So it was very sweet to see my little man galloping around the house in the boots I think he now oddly loves, totally reminding me of myself years ago, probably completely annoying my mother. It made me forget about my frustrations of raising a wild little boy, and really savor this hilarious moment with him.


  1. love those little boots, and the goofy little boy in them!!

  2. Such a good post! The pictures are really great! Noah is so photogenic!

  3. Really sweet, and such cute pictures of Noah