Wednesday, October 28, 2009

signed, sealed, delivered

Today we closed on our first home! It has been such a long and crazy ride and we are so excited to finally be homeowners. I love our house, it is more than I ever would have dreamed would be my first home. From the picture, it looks a bit scary, but after renovations, I really think it is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see the house evolve into our home, as all of the renovations complete and we put our final touches on it. We will be moving in just in time for Christmas, ready to start new traditions and make wonderful memories in our first purchased home!

I literally feel like this house was handed to us on a silver platter straight from the hands of God. There is no other way to describe how we were able to get it and how many obstacles tried to get in our way, but how God opened every door in such a unique "God" way. There is no denying, this was the house He had for us all along.


  1. WOW, the house is beautiful, I can not wait to see more of it. I am also super happy for you guys!

  2. Love the pillars! So Pretty! I'm so happy for you guys, God is good!