Sunday, June 20, 2010

latest project...

I have waaaayyy too many projects, crafts, "things", I have been getting myself into. One thing I love to do though, is decorate my house. It's fun and I always have a new idea of something to do. Being that we are now in our new house, I have soooo many ideas! I have been trying to knock them out one a week or so but unfortunutely, budget restrictions don't always allow me to do what I really want. So I love when I come across an idea that doesn't cost much, but makes a big change to a room.(I think I got this idea from another blog) This mirror was a hand-me-down and wasn't really my style at all. I debated on whether to keep it or pass it on to my sister Erika (sorry, you missed out on this one!). My living room walls are grey, and I have several black and white frames and lamps with black/white shades. So, one can of spray paint from Lowes at $3.44, and I just got a brand new mirror for my living room that I LOVE!!! It's definitely more my style now! and gaudy and shiny!

I will try to continue to post my latest house projects which will always be budget friendly ways to change up your home. Hopefully it will inspire you to do some new projects to your house, and if you do, remember to share!