Monday, September 20, 2010

Naomi's birth

I am so thrilled to finally have our Naomi Hope here! She is, in my opinion, absolutely perfect! From her dark, thick hair and chubby cheeks to her long skinny toes! We are in love with her and enjoying every moment. She has been a great sleeper so far which has been awesome!
I will share her birth story when I have more time to write, it was quick and pretty easy compared to Noah's birth. I am so thankful! Here are some pictures from this last week.

cuddling with my boy
so I look angry here, but really I am just crying!
proud daddy
holding his sister
going home
he loves to hold her hands!
I love those cheeks!
Beautiful right?? I can't get enough of her.
My cup runneth over.


  1. She is absolutely beautiful. Actually, all 4 of you are beautiful. Your family is blessed abundantly. Tell Noah, I love baby hands too! And I love chubby baby cheeks! The Trainer family is overjoyed for you.

  2. She is so beautiful. I look forward to meeting her. Noah is a great big brother already holding his little sister's hands :-}

  3. she is so beautiful! I am so thrilled for you, Adam and Noah

  4. Congrats!!! She is beautiful! Can't wait to hear your story soon!

  5. What a wonderful addition to an already wonderful family!