Monday, May 24, 2010

another good day...

So, one of my last blog posts, I posted a picture of a pair of shoes I was "liking" and definitely wanting. Now, if I went out and bought everything I liked and had my eye on, my husband would kill me and we would be completely poor. I posted the shoes thinking I would start posting things I was liking at the moment that were on my wish list.
On Sunday, Adam handed me an envelope from a sweet friend at church which looked like a gift card to me. I assumed it was a baby gift, which I thought was so sweet. I opened it up and found this...

She got me a gift card to purchase the shoes. I was so touched and surprised. Not surprised that she would do something like that-it actually doesn't surprise me at all, she is a very giving person, just surprised that she felt led to do it for me. It completely made my day, week, month...Needless to say these shoes will be very special to me. IF I can find them! They seem to be sold out right now but I am on the mission to find them!
So thank you friend, you know who you are!


  1. That's so nice!! Sounds like you've got a great friend. =)

  2. fabulous!!!! Can't wait to see the shoes on you.. maybe you can get them online???