Wednesday, May 19, 2010

like, like, like

I am really liking these new shoes from Cynthia Vincent for Target. They are on my current "wish list", which is basically an ongoing list of current things I am wanting. Unfortunately, not everything gets marked off that list, but when something does, it's an exciting day for me. : )


  1. cute cute cute! if i wasnt already 5'10" I'd like tall shoes too!

  2. Those are really cute! Tay had these on last night and they were really cute too. I looked for them tonight but none in my size. :-(

  3. Ok, so I had to come see because you mentioned this today, and yesterday, I was literally trying on shoes at Target. Literally. I'll link to a couple of my favs, but I don't tend to rock those heels due to height concerns as well. But they are SUPER cute!

    Eva, the ones you posted, I LOVE. I especially loved them in yellow. Did you see those???

    So, I actually really loved these -

    But I never know if I should waste my money with cutesy sandals because if I'm honest, I'm probably just gonna rock the flip-flops. ;)