Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today I thought all day about the day I became a mother. Such an emotional, exciting, exausting day! So that, of course, led me to look at Noah's baby pictures. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my first days as a new mom.
so much love!
changing his diaper for the first time, right before he peed all over me!
first sunday at church
This guy has stolen my heart big time! I am so blessed to be his mommy! I can't believe next year I will have TWO wonderful children! Wow!


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  2. Noah is such a good looking kid! If his sister has hair like his she will be a lucky girl! He probably wont appreciate the pretty brown hair like she would! (or maybe he will..haha) I have never seen a kid whose hair grew as fast as his! Can't wait to meet Naomi!