Thursday, December 9, 2010


Can't believe I forgot to share this story in my previous Disney post! Our first morning in Disney, we were almost ready to walk out of our hotel, when I heard Noah coughing. He was congested, but I went over to him to make sure he was ok and his face was super red and he was gasping for air. I screamed to Adam that he was choking, and he quickly picked him up and started beating on his back and checking his mouth. He started crying very quickly, then threw up, which was a good sign because I knew he could at least breath. I asked him if he put something in his mouth and he responded with "I eat penny". And sure enough his little hand had several coins in it. So after calling the pediatrician, and them assuring me he was ok and that the penny would more than likely pass on it's own in 48 hours, I calmed down enough to enjoy the day! Two days later, we had a penny! I could not believe it had happened, and am so thankful for his protection, that he actually swallowed it and it didn't get lodged in his throat. I thought we were well passed the stage of putting things in the mouth, but now I am being super careful with small things around the house again. We made an effort to tell him that he could not eat pennies that they would give him a very bad boo-boo. I think it scared it pretty badly so hopefully he has learned and we will never have a repeat of this!
Here are some humorous pictures of Noah in Disney. So thankful for this boy. He is hilarious to me, and I love his silly personality.

I asked him to smile for me, this is his fake smile.

 then he gave me this face....

 then this! Funny thing is, as soon as I would put the camera down he would start smiling. He thought it was hilarious that he was making faces for the camera.


  1. how scary! So glad it was quickly resolved.
    Those faces are adorable!

  2. I would have totally wigged!! So glad he pooped it out! :-)