Monday, December 6, 2010

busy, busy bees

We have had a busy, busy past few weeks. The days leading up to Thanksgiving were crazy, we had so much going on. We had a great Thanksgiving with family, and had the suprise birth of Norah Katherine, the newest Peterson! She is so precious! We spent Thanksgiving day, half at Adam's parents house, half with my family, then the day after with the other side of my family! It was a fun 2 days. I'm very big on, the day after thanksgiving going to get our tree immediately! We did a little bit of shopping that day and took Noah to Target to pick out his annual ornament. We started this tradition when Adam and I got married and then passed the job onto Noah when he was born. (I picked out the first year though!) This year it was no suprise at all that he picked out a truck. He is obsessed with playing with cars and trucks. We also let him pick out one for Naomi, and he picked a sort of random pine cone looking one. It's sparkly and does match the tree though.

 my handsome boy on thanksgiving

 no hands!

 checking out the ornaments in Target
 "I lika dis one"
 getting our tree
putting his ornament on the tree

This past week we headed to Disney for our vacation! We asked for season passes for Christmas, and got them a little early so we could see Disney decorated for Christmas. We ahd so much fun! It was a little chaotic with 2 children, but both kiddos were good and I think Noah had a great time getting to meet all his favorite characters.

 this little girl was an angel the whole trip! was so cold!!

Looking forward to this busy December month! Working on some fun handmade Christmas gifts this week for Noah and my nieces, a surprise for my MIL, and hopefully making one more batch of pumpkin bread to eat all by myself.


  1. share the pumpkin bread! :)
    Love the tree and the tradition of choosing an ornament! Fun!

  2. What fun times!!! And what a cute ornament he picked out. :-)