Friday, July 30, 2010

birthday celebrations...

I had a great Birthday! Celebrated Tuesday night with my wonderful hubby. We had dinner at Matthews in San Marco thanks to a generous friend who hooked us up with a free dinner!! The food was absolutely amazing! Not much can compare in my book.
On my birthday, I had an early doctor's appointment to check on Miss. Naomi, who is doing great. Then enjoyed breakfast at The Fox with Adam and Noah, and rounded up the afternoon with a relaxing mani/pedi, thanks to my husband! Celebrated wednesday night with some family, and still have another family party tonight. It's like birthday week for me!

One of my favorite childhood memories I can vividly recall, is my Barbie princess party. I actually can't even remember how old I was turning, but since Blair is not in this picture, she was not born yet, so I am probably around 6. I remember the heart-shaped cake I asked for that my mom made herself. I remember the decorations, the dress I have on (that I picked out), the Barbie I got...really great childhood memories!
I love the first picture because it brings to my mind the sacrifice of a mother. She had worked hard on that heart-shaped cake, worked hard to provide gifts and a party for me. We did not have much money growing up, so every party or gift was a huge sacrifice. And to have children now, I understand the love of a mother, that you would sacrifice anything and work as hard as you possibly could to give your child the desires of their heart. I want this picture enlarged and framed in my new house, one because I just love pictures of me and my mom together, and I don't have that many, and also, because it will constantly remind me of her love for me, and the love I want to shower on my children. They may not always have the nicest or best things, but my desire is for them to always know that I love them tremendously. I was blessed to have more than one "mother" role in my life, especially after my mom passed away, and I thank God that they have always loved me through every stage of my life. They have been wonderful examples of mothers to me, and I know their demonstrations of sacrificial love will be passed down through me to my children.

me and my mother
me, Erika and Alex
with my birthday loot! (I still have that Bible and doll I am holding!)


  1. You are the cutest little girl! You still look pretty much the same :) And I love when you talk about your mom-- I had a very similar situation as a child :) Happy Birthday!

  2. what a precious birthday memory!

  3. You do look so much the same! And I love these pictures. Precious memories!!

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