Tuesday, July 20, 2010

boo boos

This past week, I tagged along with my husband as he took our youth to Student Life camp in Daytona Beach. I basically just chased Noah around the camp and hotel all week, but we still had a fun time! (we are already planning on definitely taking a sitter next year!)

During the week though, as I was busy doing something, (probably picking up toys), Noah was pushing his stroller around the hotel living room. All the sudden I heard him start crying and went over to get him. I picked him up as I would usually do when he falls and normally he stops crying after a minute or so. Only this time, he was seriously sobbing, HARD, and almost shaking. So I knew he had really hurt himself. I tried to look him over from head to toe to see what was hurt, his head looked fine, no blood, and he started to calm down. But throughout the next hour, he would just all of the sudden start crying, and then I noticed he was holding his right arm funny. I asked him if he had a boo boo and he immediately pointed to him arm. He held it with the other hand and wouldn't let it go or even try to use it. Rather then waiting it out and having a crying child for the rest of the day, Adam and I decided to take him to the ER a few minutes away from the hotel. It turns out, he thankfully did not break anything, but had what they call "nursemaid's elbow". He basically fell pretty hard on that arm, and temporarily dislocated his elbow joint (at least that's what I understand happened. The doctor spoke incredibly fast!) It went back into place on it's own which I was relieved for, I don't think I could have taken them putting it back in place! So, several doses of motrin and one ace bandage later, he was completely fine! He didn't use the arm much for that day, and I could tell it was sore the following, but it is back to normal now.
It was so stinkin cute to see his arm in the ace bandage even though it was breaking my heart that he was hurt. He kept pointing to it saying "boo boo" all night!

the hurt little boy got a lollie pop for being so good in the ER.


  1. awwwwww.. glad it was nothing serious.. he looks cute with his lollie pop!

  2. Ethan has had the same thing twice. The first time I didn't know what was wrong so we took him to the ER too. The next time I just put it back in place (thanks to the Doc showing me for future reference.)
    Don't be surprised if it happens again, I think once it happens it is easier to come out of place again.
    Good Luck~ Life with boys, Huh!
    We wouldn't want it any other way though.