Thursday, July 29, 2010

toy of the week...

We've only recently watched Toy Story, and for Noah's birthday, we took him to see Toy Story 3. He has actually gotten into the movie, calls it "Toys". (we watch movies over and over again in our house!) I was wanting to get him Buzz and Woody characters soon and came across these guys on Toys R Us website. This Buzz is 12 inches tall and Woody, 16 inches. There are 3 different interactive modes to choose from and they can say over 100 phrases. You can press a button to start one figure talking and the other will respond! Pretty impressive huh? And with a hefty price tag of $99, these two guys can be your child's to play with, throw across the room and probably potentially break or lose! haha Needless to say, Noah will not be getting the $99 Buzz and Woody, but I will do want to get him them soon.
Funny story, I always ask Noah where the baby is, he either points to his own belly and giggles or lifts up my shirt and touches my belly. Lately I have been trying to teach him to call her "Mimi", which is the shortened version of her name we knew he would be able to say. But, ever since watching Toy Story, when I ask him the baby's name he responds with "Udy", which is how he says Woody. I'm getting a bit concerned that he is going to be very disappointed when she is born and is not a skinny cowboy!! =)


  1. I literally laughed out loud when you said "when she is born and is not a skinny cowboy" hahaha. Can't wait to meet her! And I bet Noah will be a good big brother :)

  2. I am at work, and on a conference call, while reading this and laughed pretty hard, good thing my phone was on mute. Noah is going to be an incredible big brother to Naomi (once he gets over the disappointment of no skinny cowboy)