Wednesday, November 3, 2010

thanksgiving traditions

We don't really have any Thanksgiving traditions, other than getting together with family for meals. I would love to start some of my own! Eva is starting her own family traditions of decorating her home with fall decor. I love the leaf garland!  Here is one I came across on eighteen25's blog, that is so creative, and I would really like to start for my family.

Isn't is great?!? It is called a Book of Thanks. Every Thanksgiving everyone takes a turn writing what they are grateful for in it, and each year she puts a new family picture of that Thanksgiving.

Does your family have any neat thanksgiving traditions?? Please share!  


  1. OH MY WORD! I didn't know anyone else did this! We have a Thanksgiving book as well! :) Obviously not everyone can write yet... but let me read this to you... Thanksgiving 2008 - Ephraim is thankful for the letters O, W, G, "arff, arff," Mom, and Dad. (We kinda prompted the Mom and Dad... hahah!)

  2. Oh gosh, this is cracking me up. Ephraim 2009 - Thankful for "Biscuit, Cracker Jack & M&M (my parents), Uncle Beau & Aunt Lauren (my brother and his wife), Ephraim (he was apparently thankful for himself), Everything (that pretty much covers it), O-M-O, Blue Work (this is the place where Q subcontracts. They have a blue sign.), Go Gators/Go Gator Cracker Jack, Miss Rebecca (Schmidt). hahah ;)

    You should definitely do this!

  3. Jennifer - ha ha ha! Too cute!

    I just saw this too Rebecca. What a cute idea! I didn't grow up with a lot of traditions and I just love them so I am wanting to start some. What a cute idea!!